The Online Edition is updated every Monday night at midnight and the print edition is delivered Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday, depending on the delivery area .

Ads sent in between Monday evening after 5pm EST through the following Monday evening up to 5pm EST will be included in the upcoming weeks edition. For example, if you call in an ad on Monday 12pm EST, then it will appear in the Online Edition after midnight and the printed edition as well. If you call in your ad on Monday after 5pm, then your ad will appear in the following weeks edition. 

No, you can submit ads without registering for an account or a subscription. This includes all types of ads. Depending on the type of ad placed will determine the information you will need to provide. However, we want to encourage all of our customers to register for an account to take advantage of the enhanced features like the User Dashboard where you can track your ads submitted and submit edits or cancellations, even mark the ad as sold. There is a lot more included with registration and even more if you subscribe! Subscribers get early access to the online ads and purchasing longer subscription plans will save you money as well!

Free ads (including Show and Sell) can run for as little as one week, up to four weeks at a time. If you are a registered user, you can request to cancel or edit your ad from your user dashboard. If you sell your item(s), you can mark them sold as well. If you are not a subscriber, you will need to contact our office at 540-949-8557 or email us at and let us know which ad you would like to cancel, edit, mark as sold or renew. 

If you are a business and would like to run your ad longer than 4 weeks, please contact our office at 1(540) 949-8557 or email us at

Free advertising is provided for individuals selling their personal items. There is no limit to the number of personal items you can sell at any time. We encourage you to use The Bulletin Board VA as your Go-To site for selling all of your personal items. Remember that picture ads help you sell! Both the Submit Your Free Ads and the Submit Show and Sell Ads options are free* as well. 

*There are options to mark your ad as a Featured Ad in the free advertising sections. This service is not free but provides all visitors to the site your ad information, whether they have a subscription or not! Just take a look at the Featured Items below. This service is well worth the price when you provide a good picture of your item(s)!

Business ads are not part of the free advertising offering. Business ads would include Paid Animal, Commercial, Rental and Service Ads. For additional information regarding all of the advertising options, please go to our Submit Ads page and read the description for the ad type selected or review our Description of Ads page, both under the Submit Ads menu items.

Although there are many options to advertising your items for sale, The Bulletin Board has been in this business for over 35 years! We know how to get your items noticed and take pride in the quality of our work to make sure others will see your items accurately. Unlike social sale platforms which use robots to monitor only keywords in ads, we proof every ad before approving for print/display. With this service, we are able to help you use the wording that appeals to buyers, improve searchability and increase your selling opportunity! Also, as a local publication and service, we help support other local businesses through advertisements and reach a greater number of readers than any other Buy-Sell-Trade publication in Virginia! Check out our Find a copy page to see the searchable listing of the hundreds of stores we sell our print publication and our coverage area.

All of this, coupled with our active followers in social media, help us reach over 30,000 potential buyers every week!

No. We continue to provide other options to place your ads including our 24x7 Adtaker Line, 1(540) 943-8711. You can also mail your ads to P.O. Box 221, Waynesboro, VA 22980. If you would like to speak to someone about a specific question or request, please visit our Contact Us page.